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Born on 07 Sep 1951 (Age 68)

Mammootty was born into an ordinary Muslim family in Vaikkom in Kottayam district.
He made his acting debut in the film Velankannund Swapnangam and later in the same year, Mela and Trishna.
He won the State Film Awards for his roles in films like ‘Non-violence’ and ‘Non-violence.’ He won the Special Jury Award and the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his films.
A CBI Diary Note, released in 1990 as Mammootty’s most acclaimed crime film, was followed by three more films: Jagratha, Sethuramayar CBI, and Nariyan CBI.
Mammootty has been the Chairman since the creation of Malayalam Communications, the leading channel in Malayalam.
Apart from Malayalam films, he has also appeared in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil languages.


National Film Award

1990 (Walls, A Northern Heroic Story)

1994 (Subordinate, Ponthan Mata)

1999 (Ambedkar – English)

Mammootty: Kerala State Film Award

1981 – Violence Against Actor

1984 – Overflows

1985 – Travel, Nirankuttu (Special Award)

1989 – A northern hero, walls

1994 – Subject, Ponthan Mata

2004 – View

2009 – Palerimanicum

Amphan ओडिशा में महिला ने दिया अग्निशमन वाहन के अंदर लड़की को जन्म
Amphan साइक्लोन पहुंचा ओडिशा बारिश शुरू- Hindi News Bihar

Filmfare Awards

1984 – Overflows

1985 – Travel

1986 – Nirukkuttu

1990 – Walls

1991 – Amaram

1997 – The magnifying glass

2001 – House of the Flamingos

2004 – View

2006 – Black birds

He was born in Chanthiroor, Alappuzha District on September 7, 1951. He grew up in Chembu, near Vaikom in Kottayam district. His father is Ismael and Umma Fatima. He was born into a typical Muslim family. Mammootty is the eldest son of Ismail-Fatima couple. Famous film-serial actor Ibrahimkutty, Zachary, Amina, Sauda, and Shafina are brothers. He had his schooling at Chandirur (the land of the mother) near Eramallur in Alappuzha district. While studying, He was active in the field of art. He is from Maharaja’s College, Kochi Graduation. The Ernakulam government lawyer in the movie, which was released on the leakealejil Manjeri Advocate Nair served as a junior lawyer in two years. In the 1971 vulnerabilities experience the film industry is. With hard work, Mammootty was able to earn a place in the acting world. Initially, it was revealed to be in the least important roles. M.T. His first feature film was Devalokam, a Malayalam film written and directed by Vasudevan Nair but the film was not completed. K. G. George directed to the Fair in the film, the actor srad’dheyanakkiyat. His Yavanika and Joshi ‘s 1987 film, New Delhi, made Mammootty a star. He married in 1980; Sulphath is Mammootty’s wife. The couple has a daughter named Surumi and a son named Dulquer Salman. He is the son of Ustad Today natanmarilearalan busy in Malayalam.


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