Domestic Air Travel From 25 may, Metro City, Full Fare Details


Domestic Air Travel in the country is going to start on May 25. During this time many types of terms and conditions will be applied, which have to be followed. Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri held a press conference this Thursday.

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri said that the Vande Bharat Mission was launched for the Indians trapped abroad. So far 20 thousand people have been brought back home. Some countries are not allowing people to return. The Vande Bharat Mission was launched on 5 May. Under the Vande Bharat Mission, we have brought thousands of Indians from abroad to the country. He said that the mission of Vande Bharat is to bring the stranded Indian to the country. So far this mission is going well. He thanked everyone associated with this mission.

Domestic Air Travel From 25 May

He said that domestic flights have been allowed from May 25. A third of flights have been allowed from Metro to Metro City. A third of flights can be operated by airlines. There will be some rules in metro to metro cities, there will be separate rules for the metro to non-metro cities. Metro cities will include cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai. The Union Minister said that initially, one-third of the airport will start, no food will be served in any flight.

Domestic Air Travel, Metro City, Full Fare Details
Domestic Air Travel, Metro City, Full Fare Details

Domestic Air Travel routes are divided into 7 sections

Section 1:Flight time less than 40 minutes
Section 2:Flight time 40 minutes  to 60 minutes
Section 3:Flight time 60 minutes  to 90 minutes
Section 4:Flight time 90 minutes  to 120 minutes
Section 5:Flight time 2 hrs  to 2.5 hrs
Section 6:Flight time 2.5 hrs  to 3 hrs
Section 7:Flight time 3 hrs  to 3.5 hrs


Domestic flights resume from 25th May-Hardeep Singh Puri

Domestic Air Travel Fare

Union Minister Hardeep Puri said that the fare has also been kept affordable for the flight to be for everyone. We have fixed the actual fare for the flights. So that no one has to face any difficulty. Some of the ticket prices have been fixed by the government till August, for example for Delhi to Mumbai flights, at least Rs 3500 – maximum of Rs 10,000 has been fixed. Under this, companies will have to fix the price. All the companies will have to provide about 40% of seats at the maximum-minimum price. This price system will continue until August. The middle seat will not be kept empty during the flight. The flight is disinfected after every flight. Every precaution is taken for passengers and crew. If left the middle seat empty, its weight will go to the passengers.

Non-Domestic Air Travel in Lockdown

The Union Minister said that since March 25, 5 lakh km under flight. The journey was covered, during this time, the material related to the coronavirus was transported to the states in different parts of the country. Medical goods have also been brought to the country from abroad. Let us know that on Wednesday, the Union Minister had announced to open the domestic flights rule-wise in the country. All the airports in the country have been asked to be ready for the aircraft from May 25. New guidelines have also been issued by the Ministry for this. According to the guidelines issued by the government,

Domestic Air Travel GuideLine

  1. Passengers must arrive at the airport two hours before flight time
  2. Everyone must have the Arogya Setu App
  3. Only those whose flight is four hours will get entry at the airport.
  4. Passengers must wear masks, gloves. It is also important to follow social distancing.
  5. In addition to the airport, aircraft workers must wear PPE kits
  6. Many types of vigilance will also be taken inside the flight.


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